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This is a $500 per semester scholarship for books and supplies at a higher education institution for current or former 3M Track Club Athletes. This scholarship is available for 4 years and will be renewed each year.



  • Must attend a qualifying 4 year educational institution 

  • Min. of 2 yrs on 3M Track Club

  • 2.5 GPA


The scholarship comittee will review all applications and announce a winner to the scholarship each year.


$1,000 scholarship to a current 3M athlete who demonstrates the dedication both in the classroom and on the track that Coach Harvey spent his time instilling in many young people. Someone who encompasses the 3M Track Club motto – “Running Hard, Building People, Building Character”.


The scholarship award will be place in a 529 account with the winner as the beneficiary, guaranteeing that the money will be available and used for college

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